Call for Volunteers and Corporate Sponsors - Rama Koti Temple, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

Call for Volunteers

The first step before starting the project is to integrate all Ramalayam's in Entire Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We calls for volunteers, who are interested in this Rama Koti Temple Project. 

What is Ramalayam? 

Ramalayam is a small temple present in all villages in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana or Telugu Speaking states. Before television and other entertainment platforms, Indian villagers used to spend most time at Ramalayam's. The revival of Ramalayam's in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and upgradation of Ramalayam's for next 300 years will help bringing all old traditions in a modern way.

How Ramalayam's will be upgraded?

The guidelines will be prepared for maintenance of 29390 Ramalayam all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It will bring a huge economic opportunity for Industries, who wish to participate. Augmented Reality, Entertainment Modules Films, High Secure Intranet and many more futuristic implementations and integrations into all Ramalayam's. Each Ramalayam will have a Brahmin, Two to Four Musicians and many more service providers. 

Who will maintain the Rama Koti Temple? 

Rama Koti Temple will be gifted to ISKCON and Hare Krishna People. From selection of basic design to implementation of project (More than 300 Crores), every aspect will be overseen by ISKCON people or Hare Krishna People. The committee from ISKCON and also from various contributing organizations will oversee the temple construction. Once the construction of the temple is completed, it will be handed over to the ISKCON. Two Acres of the temple will be given to ISKCON. The further commercial complex area (More than 100 Acres) will be dedicated for various policy organizations which controls all Ramalayam's all over Andhra Pradesh. All Ramalayams will be supported by these commercial organizations surrounding the Rama Koti Temple. 

What type of organizations will be promoted surrounding the Rama Koti Temples?

The organizations will be established on par with international standards following the dynamics of basic international economic policies. The first policy is minimum wage of INR 600 per hour along with many economic futuristic reforms are recommended. 

Example 1: Spiritual Food Research Institute - which is dedicated completely on the Prasadam served in all Ramalayam's all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The institute will not distribute food nor it foresee all Ramalayam's but will prepare Policy Statements and Guidelines based on advanced research and development and pure education or Saraswati. It will be implemented uniformly through all Ramalayam's. This will increase the economic importance of individual organizations and will help develop Amaravati as Commercial Capital of Andhra Pradesh. 

Example 2: Augmented Reality and Entertainment Asserts - Any futuristic company can be started a Commercial Complex near Rama Koti Temple Area which will provide media and Entertainment Resources (films, music etc..) on par with international standards to the 10 Lakh audience present in 29390 Ramalayam's.