Commercial Proposals - Ramalayam Project

Current Commercial Proposals 

Ramalayam Project plans to conduct Ganapathi Homam at 101 Places in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. Dates will be announced soon. 

Ganapathi Homam - Ramalayam Project

Commercial Plans

Banner Displayed for 4 Days Before Activity (About 30 Lakh Views - All Districts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)

a. Company Logo on Common Banner
A1 Plan. 101 Places - 20 Lakh - 4 Days 
A2 Plan. 50 Places - 10 Lakh INR - 4 Days

Email to for commercial proposals. 

b. Reading Names in 10 or More Yagnam by Brahmins (Attending One Yagnam and Getting 10 or More Yagna Benefits) 
B1 Plan: 1000 INR (The names will be read by Brahmin during Homam at 10 Places) 
B2 Plan: 2000 INR  (The names will be read by Brahmin during Homam at 20 Places)
B3 Plan: 3 or more Homum - Email to 

c. Participation in Yagna 
C1 Plan: First Row - 500 INR (One Person)
C2 Plan Second Row - 250 INR (One Person)
C3 Group Plan: Email to 

d. c Distribution Donation (Donor names will be read during prasadam distribution). 
D1 Plan: 1 Villages - INR 5000 
D2 Plan: 2 Villages - INR 10,000
D3 Plan: 3 or more villages - Email to

1 Donor credit points will be given for 10,000 INR contribution. These Donor Credit points can be used for various services in Villages under Ramalayam Project. 

How to Donate?

Email your District or Village Name to and we will send Bank account Details or Click Here for Directly Contact District Incharge. 

Any NGO or Industry wish to participate in our large commercial plans should get a minimum of 100 Donor Credit Points. Preference will be given for industries/commercial organizations with more Donor Credit points. Village panchayat will also be considered for accumulating Donor Credit Points.

Commercial Plans

During Sri Rama and Sita Kalyanam

a. 300 Tons of Champaca Essential Oil or సంపంగి నూనె
b. 14.5 Tons of AAA-Grade Freshwater Pearls (ముత్యాలు) 

Yearly Requirements 

a. 3000 Tons of Camphor Per Year
b. 3000 Tons of Black Pepper 
c. 2 Lakh Tons of Legumes - Traditional Farming
d. 60000 Tons of Pulses (Dal) - Traditional Farming
e. 6000 Tons Pure Oil (Cold Pressed with Cow)

Note: All orders are Long Term Orders. Support us and we will surely support you after reaching 100 Credit Points.